Cary Reyes

As an industry professional Cary began working at a large Northern New Jersey managing general agency focusing on mid-sized Commercial accounts. Life as we all know takes us on many unexpected journeys. After many years in the business her Insurance road trip led her to the sunny state of Florida to work alongside other incredibly tanned Insurance professionals assisting customers in all aspects of Personal Lines Insurance. Cary has worked in the Homeowners Department at Lovinger Insurance since September of 2011 and helps customers understand and purchase a policy that will protect their home.

Cary's most beloved hobby is Oil Painting. On most weekends you'll find her sitting in front of her easel painting Oil Portraits of People, Children and Animals while listening to ear-blasting music she purchased on iTunes. Her neighbors complain about the loud music but their jaws drop to the floor when they see her incredible work. She is a self-confessed Chocoholic and is known to hoard large quantities of Chocolate wherever she goes. She lives a life full of simple pleasures and aspires to one day win the Mega-Millions so she can travel the world and build a quaint little house with a KILLER sound system and an even more amazing art studio. Even though Cary's a long time Floridian, she refuses to tan or wear flip-flops but is very welcoming to all her customers regardless of their personal choice in tanning or footwear!